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Saga Jaipur

Kaviya Accent Cushion Cover - 12" x 18"

Kaviya Accent Cushion Cover - 12" x 18"

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At Saga, every product tells a story. For this, it's this one:

Kaviya - A poem in awe of the divine almighty We call Krishna. 

The collection is inspired by all elements used in Indian mythology to symbolise Lord Krishna. With a serene and soothing palette, it brings about a sense of peace, calm and divinity to your home.  It is said that:

netra-nabhi, vadana, kara-yuga carana,
ei ashta-padma krishna-ange
karpura-lipta kamala, tara yaiche parimala,
sei gandha ashta-padma-sange

“Krishna’s eyes, navel and face, hands and feet are like eight lotus flowers on His body. From those eight lotuses emanates a fragrance like a mixture of camphor and lotus. That is the scent associated with His body.”

Using elements like lotuses and cows, Kaviya is a Saga from Lord Krishna's life, a picture of which has been painted in the hearts of thousands. A perfect combination of luxury as well as calm, this collection is nothing less than a curation of 'heavenly' home products.


The Kaviya accent cushion cover is what we call the show-stopper of the collection. It is minimal and gorgeous. With perfect placement of prints and motifs, this cushion is the highlight of the entire collection. All Saga products are ethically made with efforts and love- this one in particular is a 100% premium cotton Cushion cover with a polyester back. Please remember:

  • Each Saga product is handmade and printed and may have slight or minor imperfections in print or color- This is a standard characteristic of hand-block printing and should not be considered a 'defect'
  • Thread count varies between 250-300


  • This is a pure Cotton cushion cover 
  • 100% handcrafted- Made in Jaipur, Rajasthan
  • Size: 12" x 18"
  • Closure: Concealed Zip at the back


Usually shipped within 7-10 days of the order.

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